Nehru Jackets for Men


The Nehru jacket is one of the most popular ethnic garments for men at this moment. This garment is trending in a big way in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and more and more fashion conscious men are adopting this jacket as a statement piece for casual and formal wear. The demand for these jackets has led to rise in sales and more and more people are purchasing Nehru jackets online and from stores.

To meet this demand many well known designers from the Indian Subcontinent are using their creative energy and skills to come up with high fashion Nehru jackets that are sold out as soon as they hit the racks. Bearing in mind the popularity of this garment is worth our time taking a look in to the history of this garment, its inception, its evolution and its widespread popularity.

The History of the Nehru Jacket

The Nehru Jacket gets its name from the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This great man who was known for his sartorial choices as much as he was known for his positive leadership and proactive policies and visions for a better India often wore the Nehru jacket and helped make this garment popular to a large extent. According to Wikipedia, this garment was created in India in the 1940’s and was originally referred to as the bandhgala ka coat. Its popularity on the Indian subcontinent has only grown since then.

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The Nehru Jacket Today

The Nehru jacket today is a statement piece garment that is much in demand amongst the younger generation of fashion conscious men and is often paired up with ethnic ensembles like the kurta pyjama or western formals and casuals. This demand for the Nehru Jacket is met by a whole range of retail mediums and nowadays one can easily buy Nehru jackets online or at a clothing store. Most major Indian ethnic brands and designers have their own lines of Nehru Jackets for men that are extremely popular and sell equally well. The Nehru jacket is stitched in wide range of fabrics which makes it compatible for both summer and winter months. Read further to know more.


The Nehru jacket is stitched from a wide range of fabrics. For the summer months one can easily buy a Nehru jacket in summer friendly cotton blends, Khadi, linen and jute. For the winter months one can opt for Nehru jackets stitched with heavier warm fabrics like woolen blends and velvet. This jacket is commonly available in two variations, casual or festive. Read further to know more.

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Casual Wear

Casual wear Nehru jackets are lightweight fabric, unembroidered and unembellished ensembles that can be easily worn with everyday western casual or even formals. The casual wear Nehru jacket can be easily paired up with a round neck t-shirt and denims or chinos or with a mandarin collar dress shirt and formal trousers.

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Festive Wear

The festive wear Nehru jacket is often stitched with high sheen fabrics like silk, jacquard and brocade and is generally embellished and embroidered to reflect the festive mood. These jackets are best worn over a kurta pyjama ensemble.

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