Choosing The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape


Glasses have gained a pretty bad reputation over the years of giving the impression that you are nerdier, or that they are only for intelligent people. However, with designers coming out with trendy styles and modern designs, glasses are becoming more and more of a fashion statement, with people becoming increasingly more comfortable wearing them.

If you’re an avid glasses wearer or a newbie to the spectacle world, choosing your style can be quite difficult. Whether you’re feeling adventurous and want to try a new frame or you simply have no clue which style would suit your face shape, read on to find your perfect fit.

Heart shape –

A heart shape is commonly known to have a slightly narrower jawline with a wider top part and luckily, many heart shapes have some great cheekbones. To balance this out and add more width to your chin, go for a rounder or more oval shaped frame, this will help to soften out any angular lines.

Frames to keep away from would be anything that is too heavy on top of the frame or decorative, as this will only add more to the forehead and less to the bottom half of the face.

Oval shape –

Oval face shapes are one of the most desired, due to its natural symmetry, this shape is easy to style and allows you to play around with styles more.

If you’re looking to maintain the natural balance of an oval shape, opt for something that is a similar size to the broadest part of your face, or, slightly larger.

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Base-down triangle –

This face shape is usually narrower through the forehead while moving down the face widening at the cheeks and jaw.

If you’re looking to balance your shape out a bit more, the perfect fit for you is something with a cat-eye frame or something that has a slightly heavier frame on the top.

This is a great shape to have a play and be bold, while nailing the look. Opt for bold, block colours, be out there and have fun… you have the perfect shape for it.

Round face shape –

A rounder shape has little structured lines, creating a softer look. The width and length of the face should also be a very similar size.

If you’re wanting to elongate your shape and make it appear slightly thinner, frames with an angular shape or more rectangular making them wider than the length can all help to make your face appear longer.Highlight your personal style with WhereLight frames

Square face shape –

A well-structured shape that is perfectly balanced. With a broad forehead and a strong jawline, the shape would have equal proportions all round. The cheekbones on this shape are often more in line with other facial features, as opposed to other shapes where the cheekbones are slightly higher.

If you’re wanting to soften the angles of this face shape, opt for frames that are greater in their width than the length and paired with a thinner frame, this will help to achieve a narrower shape. However, avoid going too narrow with the frames so that it sits in line with your cheekbones.

Rimless glasses are also a great choice and will help to soften the structure.

Oblong face shape –

An oblong shape is greater in length than it is in width and the cheekbones are situated a little higher on the face. Very similar to the oval, oblong shapes can suit any frame.

Opt for something slightly larger, possibly even oversized. A wide rectangular or square and although nothing is off-limits with this shape, be careful when choosing a smaller style, as this can appear slightly out of place or off-balanced.

Whatever your style may be; bold, classic, vintage or simple just be comfortable. Pop into your local opticians and get them to help you choose your own style. Who better than people who know face shapes and eyes more than their own!

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